Flat Tyre Left You Deflated?

Picture it, you are driving down to the coast for a well-deserved holiday and all of a sudden, you get a flat. You pull over, examine the damage and find out your back left tyre is the culprit. You reach for your phone to call your local AA. “NO SIGNAL” What to do now with your flat tyre?

Firstly, ensure you are parked off the road and safe from oncoming traffic, then turn on your emergency hazards to create extra awareness. Most passenger vehicles house their spare wheel and tools in the boot, some bigger vehicles have them on the back of the car or in the same cases under the vehicle in the rear.

There are a couple of tools you will need to equip yourself with now, namely; reflective triangle, car jack, wheel spanner and or a few bricks/rocks. Place your reflective triangle a couple of meters behind you so that traffic can see you easier. Take the brick or rock in case you don’t have with you and place it both sides of your front tyres to stop it from rolling while you are raising the vehicle. This is a very important safety step to follow. Well secured, you now take your wheel spanner and fit it to the wheel nuts, moving the wheel spanner anti clockwise until they are loose but not falling off yet. The two most common car jacks you get is a Hydraulic jack and a scissor jack. You will then place the jack under the vehicle in the appropriate manner and begin to pump or turn the jack. Do this motion in a controlled manner and not as fast as possibly as sudden movements may cause the vehicle to become unstable and potentially injure yourself.

Once the wheel is hanging freely, remove the lugs by hand. Pull the wheel off now towards yourself. Roll it to the back of the vehicle for storing later. By lining up the wheels’ holes first, it will make it easier to lift the wheel straight onto the car. Then tighten the nuts by hand. Tighten the bottom nut first to keep the wheel in place, follow this by tightening the remaining ones.

You will now need to start lowering the jack but pumping or turning in the opposite direction used when raising the vehicle. Once the jack is free from the weight of the vehicle, you must now use the wheel spanner to tighten all of the nuts. Tighten them as much as possible as the last thing you want while driving is a wheel travelling past you on the road. You may now pack your flat tyre wheel into the boot where you took the spare out of, fit all your tools nicely into their place. Well done you have just changed your flat tyre successfully.

Remember a spare wheel is not a permanent option and should only be used until you can get to your local tyre and wheel shop where they will assess the damage on the original tyre and offer you the best option going forward.

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