Rims Are a Wheel’s Best Friend

Its often said that diamonds are a lady’s best friend, when in fact it’s completely different to that. Having the right set of rims on your vehicle will make the world of difference to a somewhat unspoken feature. Did you know that the first rims were used on a car in 1895! That means they have been around for 125 years!

Purchasing new rims for your car can affect how it drive and feels. So, what makes up a wheel? Well you have certain things, namely, The Outboard Face; Centre Bore; Plate; Spokes; Rim; Bolt Circle and the Valve Stem Bore. Wheels can be made up using the following different materials, Steel, Aluminium Alloy and Carbon Fibre.

The rim, not to be confused with the wheel are completely different from one another. The rim is a cylindrical wheel outer edge that holds the tire on the wheel. The main function is to support and sea the wheel. Without the correct rim there will not be a proper fitting between the two which will then allow air to escape the tubeless tyre.

If you had to increase the size of your wheels and rims you would see many benefits. Firstly, you would experience improved grip and traction on the road. Also, you will be able to take corners in a safe manner as having a “bigger” tyre you have now increased the amount of contact you are making on the road surface. A few others would also include better braking and better appearance. Having bigger wheels can give your car a sportier look.

When buying or upgrading your rim you need to do some research. Tyre manufacturers list a range of recommended tyre widths for each specific tyre that is sold. Bolt pattern is also very important as your wheel’s bolt pattern needs to match that of your axles, although in some scenarios you can purchase adaptors that convert these bolt patterns to the desired setting.

Alloy rims give you much better handling as they light and made for performance however due to the nature of our roads in South Africa, its best to steer clear of potholes as they can lead to them crack and scratch very easily. Don’t let this worry you to much as there are repair shops designed for exactly this problem. Smaller rims on the other hand actually allow for less noise inside your car as there is more rubber between you and the road.

Its important to note that tiny metal debris and brake dust can accumulate on your rim over time, which can corrode away the meta of your rims, which would end up in an expensive repair or a worse case scenario of full replacement. This can be avoided by cleaning them often with a sponge and rim cleaner that can be purchased at most vehicle spares and parts shops. On top of that you might even look at getting a nice polish to use on your rims to give them that bright, shiny and new look once again!

Remember, rims are a massive component of your wheel so do take time in picking the right one.

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