What Are The Ideal Cars to Drift With?

We just need to have a quick recap as to what exactly drifting is. Drifting is a driving technique where by the driver purposefully oversteers the car, causing a loss of traction in the rear wheels through corners while keeping control of the car and then having a high exit speed. Please note that while this is a highly entertaining thing to attempt in the safe environment it must be mentioned that it is extremely dangerous and illegal on public streets. Furthermore, to that, without the correct maintenance there could be serious mechanical damage to your car as it is stressful on the vehicle’s workings.

Thanks to high octane adrenaline movies such as The Fast and The Furious drifting has become highly popular. In saying this, you can’t just climb into your Chev Spark and expect to get results and your friends cheering in delight as your slide around the race track. In fact, there are cars designed just for drifting. They have superior balance and handling to allow you to take corners and slick terrain with ease. While the movies show drifters doing these maneuvers at impossibly high speeds, non-professional drivers should not try to replicate it in real life. With that being said here are a couple of good cars you could use to replicate Tokyo Drift.

The Mercedes C230 Kompressor is a good start. Not well known for its drifting capability but this model is actually pretty good for it. With its rear-wheel drive and manual gear box you are in for a good time. Next up we have the Toyota Corolla AE86. A pretty much loved car by drifters all around the world. With it being fairly light and having a strong motor, the power to weight ratio is impressive. Look for a model anywhere from 1984 to 1992 and you will find they are pretty affordable as well. What would drifting be without mentioning this gem? The BMW M3 E46 is in a class of its own. Of course being a good car for drifting it is rear wheel drive that does not lack in the power and handling department. It is the newer and more improved version of the previous E36 which stood pretty good on its own as well.

Nissan have made many good cars in the past and how could we forget the 240sx S14. It has such a good reputation in beginner and professional circles. The more popular models fall under the 1994 – 1998 range. The entry level models come in with a 2.4L engine which gives you good bang for your buck. I think the reason most love this car is because it is easily upgradeable and fun to modify to suit your needs and requirements. Another Nissan model we can’t overlook is the ever popular Skyline R33 GTS-T. It comes with a 2.5L turbocharged engine which produces 280 BHP! Throw in a five-speed manual transmission and you are smiling all the way around the corners of a racetrack.

There are many choices out there, all with its pros and cons, ultimately it comes down to what you can afford and what you are looking to achieve from drifting.

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