Do Exhaust Cut-Outs Increase Horsepower?

There are a lot of components involved in building a car and getting the best performance from it. If you want to improve the way your car operates, you need to take time to understand its components, and how changes you make affect them, from top to tyre.

When you turn the key, your engine requires combustion. This is created when fuel and air mix in the changer, allowing combustion. Your car requires a lot of air flow to function at high performance. The faster fumes are pushed from your engine caused by the previous combustion therefore the following round of combustion will be quicker and better.

What Prevents Combustion Residue from Leaving the Engine?
If you have a problem with combustion residue failing to escape the engine fast enough, the problem could be contributed to the exhaust not being able to clear out fast enough. Unfortunately, it is illegal not to have an exhaust pipe on your car, even if it is dampening performance.

Will an Exhaust Cut-Out Improve Your Car’s Horsepower?
There are many people who swear by exhaust cut-outs. They insist that the cut-outs will increase the horsepower and get the tyre to roll smoother than before. However, exhaust cut-outs are not guaranteed to increase the horsepower at all, some people suffer through the experience of having their horsepower reduced, sometimes dramatically.

There are a lot of mixed experiences when it comes to exhaust cut-outs. Some people experience increased horsepower and torque, while others see a slight, to a dramatic drop in their stats.

One of the primary reasons for this is that do-it-yourself mechanics don’t consult a reputable mechanic to see if their exhaust was the reason behind their reduced or hindered horsepower. They also failed to take into account how large the exhaust cut-outs should be and either made them too large, or too small. Just like anything else you do to your vehicle, the process must be precise and calculated. You must know that it will work mathematically before you attempt it physically.

Cut-Outs Rarely Work on Stock Exhaust
Exhaust cut-outs rarely work on stock exhaust. For them to work in a way that successfully increases the horsepower, the exhaust must be restrictive in nature. Some people expect to experience a change in the sound of their vehicle. The car may sound louder, but you will not achieve an exact sound by adding exhaust cut-outs to the pipes.

By installing an aftermarket exhaust to your car, and then adding exhaust cut-outs, you may see an increase in horsepower and torque, but most factory and stock exhausts fail to provide this luxury. Make sure that you have tyres that can accommodate the additional thrust.