Be Safe on the Road

With so many vehicles travelling on the roads these days, as a driver you have to be extra careful. You may not make any mistakes and you may follow all the road rules but you still need to be careful because you never know what the other road users might do. Here are a few tips on staying safe on the road.

  • Check your mirrors. Your car is equipped with a rear view mirror and side mirrors. Whenever you make any move, whether it is turning left or right, or changing lanes, be sure to check your mirrors. The other drivers might not see you and that could lead to an altercation.
  • Be aware of other drivers. You may be doing everything right but it just takes one person to do something unexpected. The other driver could be distracted by a passenger, a child, the radio, a cell phone or any number of things. This could affect that person’s concentration and they could jump a red light or turn unexpectedly. At that moment you could be in their way and a collision could occur. If you are aware of the action of other drivers you could predict their next move and avoid an accident.
  • Use your indicators. Whenever you turn or change lanes, use the left or right indicator timeously to show other drivers what your intention is. This could potentially avoid a collision.
  • Brake timeously. When you see the red light or stop sign, give yourself ample distance to stop. Don’t wait until you are a few meters from the stop sign before you start to apply the brakes. This sudden stop action could confuse drivers behind you and they could bump into your car’s rear end.
  • Be aware at an intersection. Check what all the drivers are doing at an intersection. Is one driver hasty? Is another driver not going to stop at the intersection as they should? Many drivers take chances at intersections when they are in a hurry or are late for a meeting. These are the ones you need to be weary of.
  • Check your tyres. You need to ensure that your wheels and tyres are in good condition. You could be fined if your tyre tread is very low and the tyres are smooth, as this could be dangerous for you and other drivers.

Whatever you do, be safe on the roads. It could save you a lot of trouble.