When Should You Change Your Car’s Wheels?

Your car takes you to work then it takes you home and to various social activities. It is a part of your family and an extension of you so it’s not surprising that you want to take care of it. And you should take care of it, even the wheels.

Sometimes it takes something dramatic to cause you to have to change your wheels like an accident or big obstacle in the road. If you were involved in a minor accident where the car’s wheels buckled and are bent then you cannot drive with those wheels. You have to replace those mags and the tyres altogether. The same goes for the case where you drove over a hard obstacle on the road. This could cause one or more of your mag wheels to bend and the tyre to burst. So you would have to change those wheels.

When damage occurs to one or two wheels then you need to replace it. In that case you will need to decide on what you want to do in terms of the style of mags. If one or two of the mags are damaged you will need to find the same type of mags. But what if you can’t find the same style? In that case you might have to change all four mags so that they all look the same.

Time is the other factor that will cause you to change the wheels, or more specifically the tyres. When the tyres are old and worn, they have to be changed otherwise it will not have any grip on the road and delay the stopping motion. When you notice that the tread is low then you should change the tyres. A smooth tyre is not only dangerous but it is illegal as well.

If there is a puncture in the tyre, you could opt to repair it if it is not in a position that will compromise your safety. A tyre specialist will be able to assist you with this. If the puncture cannot be repaired then you will need to replace it. In such a case you need to replace two tyres at a time. When you replace the left rear one you should replace the right rear one for balance. The same would apply with the front two tyres.

The two rear tyres run down faster especially with a rear wheel drive vehicle. In such a case you may not necessarily need to change all the tyres at the same time, you may only need to change the rear ones.

It is important to note the status of your car’s tyres at any given time so that you are always driving safely.