When To Get Tyres For Sale

Tyres can be quite an investment that sometimes may come along at the strangest of times. There may not always be the budget for the types of tyres you want but there are ways to find tyres for sale.

There are certain times during the year when you will be lucky to catch a good deal on a set of four tyres.

Here are the popular the times of the year as to when you can find tyres for sale.



This is the new year period and when a lot of the previous year’s stock will go on sale. Why? Because new stock will be coming in soon and the tyre specialist needs to make room for the new stock. Therefore, all of last years stock needs to go. And the best part is that those tyres are still brand new and in great condition so you score on these new year tyre sales.


Is the month of Easter so as many retailers will run an Easter promotion so could tyre specialists. You could get a free gift thrown in with your tyres. It all depends on the promotion that’s running.

June to August

June is the onset of winter so there may be a demand for winter tyres. This is when winter tyre sales start. You could get deals like buy 3 tyres and get 1 free. You could even get good deals on run flat tyres. That is good saving if you can find these kind of deals.


Who doesn’t love a good Spring Sale? And one on tyres is even better. You can start the new bright season with a set of new tyres that you got on sale.


The last Friday of November is Black Friday and that’s when the great tyre specials come out. You could get a really good discount on tyres on Black Friday.


This is the festive season and every one is merry and giving away gifts. You could be lucky enough to get a free gift when you buy a set of tyres. It’s always nice to get something for free.

There you have it. That’s when you can get those tyres for sale.

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