Why Do You Need New Tyres?

You’ve had your car for a good few years and you enjoy the fact that it takes you to many different places. You probably use it to drive to work and home every day. It takes you away on fun road trips and holiday destinations. All of this driving increases the mileage on your car. With more mileage there’s more wear.

So it’s safe to assume that all that driving around affects the state of your tyres. Gripping the road, taking corners, braking and general driving on the roads can cause the tyres to wear and the tread to fade away. It’s not surprising that after good few thousand kilometres those tyres don’t quite grip the road the same way. It is a good idea to check the tread depth on your tyres regularly and especially before and after you’ve taken a long road trip. Worn tyres can be very dangerous because braking distances become unpredictable and general driving in various conditions can be risky.

When you pull into your garage tonight when you get home, do yourself a favour and check your tyres. Take a good look at them, at all four of them. Sometimes the front tyres wear differently to the rear tyres. Therefore it’s good to inspect all of them. Check that tyre tread depth and make sure that it is of legal depth. It should be more than 1.6mm because anything less than that lacks grip. You can do this with a little ruler or you can get one of those tyre tread units. You should also check the tyre pressure. Ok, so you don’t have the equipment but if you can see with the naked eye that the tyres look deflated, meaning they don’t look like it’s filled up with enough air, then you should go get your tyres pumped.

Now if the tread is too low or your tyres are damaged then you should get your tyres changed. You can’t drive around with slippery or damaged tyres. You will be a risk on the road.

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