Why Do Mag Wheels Come in Different Sizes?

We live in an era of advanced technology, instant foods and modern designs. Many people would say that we are living in a golden age where technology and comfort is concerned. We can get whatever we want at our fingertips whenever we want. It’s not surprising that this technology has extended to our mobile lives in terms of vehicles. There are all types of vehicles such as sedans, hatchbacks, SUV’s, roadsters and many more. And they all come in different sizes. As consumers we are spoilt for choice.

Every vehicle manufacturer has their own specifications when it comes to the design concepts of their cars. Certain cars will have smaller wheels while others will have larger wheels. In saying this, mag wheels come in different sizes. The standard sizes available range from 14 inches to 22 inches. Each car is designed to fit a certain size of wheel.

For example, the modest Fiat Palio is a small car which will require a small mag wheel of 14 inches or possibly 15 inches. Larger sizes will not fit on this car and could affect the driving ability of the car. The sedan, such as the VW Passat, which is generally considered to be a family car, has a wheel fitment size of 17, 18 or 19 inches. If you want large mag for your sedan to add some personality to your car, be sure to check what is the largest size that you can fit to your car. You don’t want to buy mags that is too large and will impair your driving ability or damage your car. SUV’s, such as the Hyundai IX35, are large vehicles that are designed with city road and off-road capability. For this reason they are designed for large mag wheel sizes of 20 and 22 inches. The larger tyres allow the SUV to be more stable on the road as well as cover more ground when going off-road. These larger tyres also offer more endurance when driving with heavy loads.

Mag wheels come in different sizes because vehicles are made with design in mind. Therefore vehicles are different in size. Small cars are designed for people who drive shorter distances and fuel economy is at the top of their checklist, so small mag wheels would be affordable. SUV’s are larger vehicles which require larger tyres and therefore larger mag wheels. In general, when it comes to the range of mag wheel designs you have many to choose from.

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