Which Tyres Can Handle Long Distance Driving?

Travelling long distances may become a requirement if you are planning a road trip, going to another province for a holiday or to visit family. Most people tend to tackle the long road during the holiday season and early in the new year. This is the time of the year that people generally take their annual leave, companies close for the holidays and the schools close also. So before you set off on your journey or back from your holiday destination, ensure that your tyres are able to sustain long distance driving.

To assist you with this choice, here are two types of tyres that are recommended for long distance driving.

Nexen Tyres. In this range you will find tyres that are able to endure long distance driving as well as city road driving. You also need to consider tyres that can endure the extra weight of your vehicle. Usually when you go on holiday, it’s not just you and your family in the car, it is all your luggage also. The tyres need to be able to carry all of you for the duration of the road trip. The Nexen Roadian Tyres, more specifically for SUV’s, are considered double duty tyres. They work harder on the highway and you can use them on other rougher terrains. It has a large shoulder block which minimises cornering grip and stability. The arrow type centre rib improves the handling of the vehicle. For long distance driving having a good grip on the road is essential especially when you want to overtake another car on the road.

Toyo Tyres. The Toyo Open Country Tyres are ideal for long distance driving as well as for other terrains, if required. They have an aggressive tread design that offers a quieter ride and they offer a 40% longer tread life than most other tyres. This makes it the ideal tyre for road trips as the tread will last longer. This means that you won’t have to change them very often. A good tread is necessary for a tighter grip on the road as mentioned previously.

The Toyo and Nexen tyres are both very good options for long distance driving. Toyo Open County Tyres offers a durable tread which is designed to last longer while Nexen Roadian Tyres can endure the extra weight of the vehicle, passengers and luggage. Before you go on your next road trip, be sure that you check your tyres are in good condition or have them replaced for extra peace of mind.

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