Alloy Wheels for Sale South Africa

At Minty’s, we believe in delivering the highest quality products and wheels for sale to all customers with impeccable service. We stock a range of tyres that are available nationwide, at competitive prices. View our specials and promotions on tyres here.

Our range of alloy or mag wheels cater for passenger, SUV as well as 4×4 vehicles. Our dynamic and experienced team ensures that you are advised on the best options available for your vehicle.

Why Choose Alloys?

These are lighter and better at dispersing brake heat than their steel equivalents. When you purchase your alloy wheels and have them fitted, they not only gives your vehicle the finishing touch, but also improves cornering and braking response in most variants in weather conditions.

These also contribute to better brake heat dissipation. This results in cooler, safer braking as alloy is a more efficient conductor of heat than that of steel. They also have much better airflow.

What Brands can I buy?

Minty’s host a range of alloy wheels nationwide of their very own brand. Contact us or visit our nearest branch for more information on our vast range today. You can view our list of branches on the Branches page of our website.

What cars do they fit?

Minty’s caters for all cars and our range of alloy wheels range from 14 inch right through till 22 inch.

You can also get a quotation on our website based on your car’s specifications as well as the area you are based in. One of our great sales representatives will get in touch with you and provide you with a quotation. If you have a specific budget then just let us know, we will do our best to give you prices within your budget.

Contact us for more information on our wheels for sale as well as which options will fit your vehicle best!