What To Do When Your Wheels Start to Wobble

When something goes wrong or sounds strange during a driving journey, you tend to get a bit stressed. You wonder what is happening, what is that noise, and how are you going to find the problem to fix it? One of those noises could be the wheels that start to wobble.

This can be a frightful sound and realisation. No one wants to hear their wheels wobble or making a noise while you’re driving. This tends to happen to a small number of people. The reasons that it may occur could be that you had a new wheel fitted and the mechanic didn’t tighten the nuts on the mag wheels. Or perhaps the nuts on the mag wheels have worn out because they haven’t been checked in a long time. It is essential that you check your wheels and tyres on a regular basis to avoid such occurrences.

So you are driving on the highway on your way to work and you hear this strange sound coming from the side of your car. It sounds like a periodical thud; a dull knocking sound against the vehicle. When you hear this sound or any unusual sound for that matter, it is best to stop in a safe space. Get out of your car and go to the part of the car where you heard the sound. If you think that it may be the wheel, compare it to one of the others. Look at the wheels that are in good condition and look at the suspected wheel. Does the suspected one look like it is not in the same position as the other one? Is it at an angle? If so, this could indicate that it is not fixed tightly and it is not stable enough for driving. In this case, it is best to call a tow truck because you cannot drive any further. You could risk the wheel from falling off while you are driving. Ask the tow truck driver to take the car to a reputable wheel and tyre fitment centre.

The fitment centre will check the position of the tyre and will probably remove it to inspect it further. If the wheel and tyre is faulty, you will be encouraged to replace it. Ask the fitment centre to perform a wheel alignment test and to test drive it before you drive off on your own.

Whenever you hear anything strange on your car, be sure to stop and check it before you proceed on your journey.

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