What Is Wheel Balancing?

If you own a car, then you need to take the responsibility of taking care of it. You must ensure that it is in optimal running condition at all times. When the warning lights or the service is due, ensure that you take your car to a service centre as soon as possible. The same goes for your wheels and tyres. If they are punctured, flat or unbalanced, it can be dangerous for you to drive your car.

As part of your vehicle safety or service checklist, you need to check if the wheels are balanced. Many people take this for granted because they don’t really know what wheel balancing is.

So, what is wheel balancing?

It is the distribution of the weight of the vehicle across the four tyres. If the vehicle is not properly distributed across all the tyres, it causes the vehicle to be unbalanced or out of balance.

If the wheels are unbalanced, then it could cause a vibration when you drive which makes it a very unpleasant experience. The first sign that indicates unbalanced wheels is when your steering wheel starts to wobble when you reach a certain speed. It can also cause the premature wear of the tyres, the suspension, and the steering components. So it is quite important to have it checked when you notice that wheels are unbalanced.

The solution to this problem is relatively easy. When you feel the vibration, take your car to a wheel and fitment centre that makes use of superior equipment. They will take the car for a test drive to monitor the vibration and the sounds. Then they will conduct a test in the fitment centre. With the selected equipment, they will balance the wheels. They will take the car for a final test drive to monitor whether the vibration has been eliminated. Then the car will be handed over to you. It is advisable for you to perform your own test drive once you leave the wheel and tyre fitment centre. Drive the speed that previously caused the vibrations to check if the steering wobbles and feel for any vibrations. These issues should be resolved, so there should be no odd occurrences while you’re driving.

Wheels that are correctly balanced will eliminate the vibration and avoid the premature wear of the rotating wheel and tyre assembly. If you are vigilant to any sounds or vibrations on your vehicle, you’ll have a good driving experience all the time.

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