What Is A Tyre Rotation?

It’s amazing to think how much maintenance is necessary for your tyres and wheels. If you think about it, we are a society that drives around to every single place whether it’s close by or not. It’s no surprise to see how damaged tyres can get.

Imagine if you are the type of person that only turns left. More force will be placed on your left tyres because of the same movement occurring over and over again. The damage that occurs on your tyre will have an uneven drive for you because of how much wear has taken place to the one tyre and not the other. This is an uncomfortable way of driving and could eventually damage the mechanical systems that allow the car to drive straight. The wear on the left tyre could cause you to lose control of the car depending how bad the damage is. Due to the nature of rubber punctures are likely to occur. It is a well-known fact that a punctured tyre is harder to control than a bit of wear.

With that in mind, tyre rotation is the process of allowing even wear on all tyres. By moving from one wheel to the other the mechanic can get the exact amount needed for a comfortable drive.

There are many causes for uneven wear that can be avoided.

Make sure that your wheels are properly aligned. Unaligned wheels put more force on one side than the other. In the end you will have a lopsided car prone to accidents and wheel damage. It is important to get the wheels aligned as often as needed.

Over inflation is another cause of uneven wear. Under inflation can also cause uneven wear on the outside of the tyres.

Other mechanical elements could also be the main cause of this kind of tyre damage. If the shocks don’t allow absorption of the force your tyre could suffer from pressure applied by the car itself.

Drifting around a corner is one of the harshest procedures that can damage the tyres so much that you might have to replace them the same day. Involving hand brake turns and acceleration at the same time will give you the worst uneven wear you will ever see.

To get this problem sorted out, you have to see a tyre specialist who can rotate the tyres. It is important that regular tyre maintenance is done for a safer drive.

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