What is a Good Wheel Size For a Small Car?

Do you know what it feels like to drive a car that has the wrong tyre size? The tyres feel uneven to the point where you think the road is uneven when it is not. That places extra pressure on the front tyres, particularly if they are too big or too small. The tyres might become so warped and low on the tread that they blow out while you are on the road. I had that happen, and it is not a fun time. That is why you need to make sure your car has the proper tyre sizes at all times.

What Is An Ideal Size?

The proper size ranges between 14-22 inches. Anything below 14 inches is too small. Anything beyond 22 inches is too big (depending on the situation).

Some More Tips On Finding The Right Tyres and Wheels For Your Small Car

  1. Make sure that you really need a new set of wheels first. Your car is probably doing okay if your wheels are less than ten years old. You might want to consider buying a new set if your car is ten years or older. Pay close attention to things like deterioration and exposure to oxygen. One minor hole can be repaired before it gets worse. It is going to be a downhill ride if the hole grows much larger. Sometimes all the car tyres need is a really good patch job.
  2. You also want to check for wear, especially if it gets to be too uneven. Uneven tyres will cause issues on the road. That could cause problems with your suspension and alignment. That will spell disaster if you are out driving on the highway or freeway, particularly, if the traffic is bumper to bumper (wall to wall).
  3. You can also read your owner’s guide. Every car has one. Look up the pages about tyre sizes. The page should give you a detailed outline of which size to get, even with your spare.
  4. You also might need to inspect your spare. Every car has one. It should be in the middle compartment in your car’s trunk. The spare should be the same size as your regular tyre, maybe a few centimetres greater or less than. The spare is there for emergencies. In other words, you should not use your spare as a replacement for your used tyre. The spare is there to get you through the rough patches until you have your tyre replaced. I would not wait too long, though. The spare has a very short lifespan. Make sure to get your regular tyre repaired or replaced within a few days, maybe less.
  5. You might want to (if you can afford it) replace the set. I know it’s tempting to cut corners but don’t do that. Your car’s system works based on a matching set. Try to buy at least two of the same size, even if the one looks good. There could be some issues in the tyre you do not know about yet. Buy two of the same size (14-22 inches). Your car will be safer, as will your travels.

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