What Can Cause A Slow Puncture

When it comes to driving, there are a lot of different aspects that play into it. It is no longer just getting behind the wheel and driving. It is always good to do a quick visual inspection of the vehicle before you even get in it. Then being sure to do your daily, monthly and yearly maintenance. This can help ensure that your car will run efficiently and last you as long as possible. A motor is a machine that must be taken care of in order to ensure a long lasting car. One place that often sees trouble is the tyres. Slow leaks can be damaging, here are a few things that can cause a slow leak.


Nails often times are the culprit of a fast leak, however, if the nail hasn’t pushed all the way through the tyre, then the leak could be slow. Small nails or nails that are split in half can just go partially through the tyre. If they stay in the tyre, you may not even notice them until you go out and your tyre is slightly deflated. It is very common to pick up nails in parking lots as well as in gutters. Anywhere that water runs off and potentially can have debris. Although you can fill your tire back up to recommended pressure briefly, it is always best to have the tyre checked and fixed. This will help ensure that you don’t cause damage to the tyre or rim.

Tire Damage

A tire that is damaged or not put together right can have a slow leak. If you notice that your tire is wearing funny and is also slow leaking then you may have an issue with how your tire is put together or how your car is aligned. This is an issue that you would need to go to a shop to resolve. Along with that, any sun damage or weather damage can cause a slow leak. If you are using older tyres that have spent a lot of time in the sun, it could have damage due to sun cracking.

Small Debris

If you have recently drove through a debris ridden area or on a dirt or damaged road, it is always a good idea to do a brief check of your car tyres. This is because small debris can cause a slow leak. Things like small pieces of metal or ‘alligator tails’ left by truck tyres that have blown, can cause damage to your tyres.

Temperature Changes

When the weather gets colder, the particles in the air in your tire start to move closer and closer together. So you don’t have a leak, but the pressure in your tyres can reduce enough to have problems with your tyre. Always check your pressures during the colder months.

There are alot of different reasons that you could have a slow leak. From temperature changes to nails tyre slow leaks are very common. Have your wheels checked regularly to avoid any bad or unwanted surprises while you are on the road.

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