What Are the Benefits of Nitrogen Tyre Inflation?

Low tyre pressure can mean that your tyre creates more resistance to movement. More energy is required to move your car which leads to higher fuel consumption. This means that maintaining your tyres at the correct pressure could help save you more money on fuel and reduce the amount of carbon dioxide you produce from your vehicle.

Proper tyre pressure is a big deal, maintain it with nitrogen and you’ll see these benefits:

  • Increased Fuel Efficiency

The right tyre pressure keeps the manufacturer’s recommended contact patch on the road. This makes the rolling resistance less and maximizes fuel efficiency.

  • Longer Tyre Life

Your tyres won’t wear as fast. It will last longer than any normal tyre.

  • Increased Safety

You and your family will be safer when you’re riding on nitrogen filled tyres because it will maintain the proper pressure for longer.

  • Longer Rim Life

Rim rust caused by condensation from water vapour and other gasses can get caught in valves and create slow leaks in tyres. Nitrogen is completely dry, so it eliminates the potential for condensation.

  • Less Corrosion

Unlike air there’s no moisture in pure nitrogen therefore there is less corrosion.

  • Slower Rate of Pressure Loss

Nitrogen molecules are larger than oxygen molecules therefore rate of pressure loss is much slower. With nitrogen in your tyres, they will maintain proper pressure for a longer period. Properly inflated tyres reduce the chance of a blowout on the road therefore you should check your tyre pressure regularly. Correct tyre pressure means that your tyres grip the road as they should. This improves your vehicle’s handling so you can react quickly and decisively in potentially dangerous road conditions and situations.

  • Nitrogen is a Green Alternative

Nitrogen has the potential of being eco-friendly. Nitrogen-filled tyres maintain proper pressure, achieving better gas mileage, reduced emissions, and the demand for tyres could decrease. This means fewer manufactured tyres, decreasing the need for natural resources. Also manufacturers could decrease shipments of tyres which, of course, would help the environment.

To change to nitrogen you should have the air which is already in the tyres removed before they are re-inflated with purified compressed nitrogen.

Having the correct tyre pressure will give you many benefits when using nitrogen and it will ensure that your tyres last longer. Nitrogen-filled tyres typically lose no pressure from permeation after using it over many months. So, by inflating your tyres with high purity nitrogen, they will remain at their proper operating pressure much longer.

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