What Are the Advantages of Nitrogen Tyre Inflation?

Inflating your tyres with nitrogen is the latest craze in the wheel and tyre industry. But why are so many people opting for it?

Firstly, all the air that is already in the tyres must removed before it can be re-inflated with purified compressed nitrogen. Nitrogen is a colourless, non-toxic, odourless and tasteless gas.

Here are the advantages of nitrogen inflated tyres.

    • Nitrogen-filled tyres bleed pressure slower than compressed air. Properly maintained tyre pressure grants you more gas mileage distance and a slower rate of wear and tear. This also means that it increases the tyre’s life span.
    • A nitrogen-filled tyre does not lose pressure as quickly so you can expect a longer tyre life. It tends to keep the pressure constant.
    • The possibility of rust is reduced. It is the oxygen that causes rust. Rust can make rubber brittle which increases the chance of a blow-out. Nitrogen prevents the oxidation process of the internal rubber.
    • Nitrogen-filled tyres reduce emissions which gives you a longer tyre life, so you don’t need to change your tyres often. This also means that fewer tyres are discarded which reduces landfill waste.
    • There is less corrosion because there’s no moisture in pure nitrogen, unlike air.
    • There is a slower rate of pressure loss as nitrogen molecules are larger than oxygen molecules. This improves the driving quality and reduces the tyre running pressure. Therefore nitrogen-filled tyres create a smooth and safer ride.
  • A tyre that remains properly inflated deflects less than an under-inflated tyre, which keeps it cooler and causes it to wear evenly.

The reality is that nitrogen is currently not that easily available yet so you will have to go to a wheel and tyre specialist to inflate your tyres. Nitrogen-filled tyres need to be maintained by checking the tyre pressure and should also go for regular wheel balancing and alignment services. A really good advantage is that the nitrogen-filled tyres will last longer than the standard tyres which are inflated with air.

More people are inflating their tyres with nitrogen these days. The practice of inflating tyres with nitrogen might be new to most of us but this technology has been used for many years, especially on the race tracks. Once you use with nitrogen, it’s important that you only use nitrogen in the future to ensure consistency and safety. Adding normal compressed air after you’ve already use nitrogen will contradict any its benefits.

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