Vehicle Safety Tips When Travelling Long Distances

The holiday season is here and many people are planning road trips to visit family and friends or to get away from family and friends. Either way, if you are taking on the long journey by car travelling from one part of the country to the other then you need to consider your road safety. Before you travel, it’s best to prepare a checklist of safety tips that will ensure that you get to your destination safely.

Here is a list of vehicle safety tips that will assist you on your vacation travelling.

Check when your next service is due. This is an important safety factor as it encompasses many car parts that are checked and replaced if necessary. The reason you need to check when your car’s service is due is because if the service is due within the next 1000 kilometers, then you need to book it for a service. It is not wise to drive a long distance when your next service is impending. If you have recently serviced your car, then you know that your car is optimal condition and will be able to handle to handle the long distance journey.

Check your vehicle’s tyres. Go around your car and inspect each tyre. Check each tyre for its tread. If the tread is smooth, then you have to change the tyre as this can be quite hazardous especially if you find yourself in raining conditions where the roads are wet. Also check whether your tyres have any damage which could have been caused by every day wear-and-tear or by potholes. If they are damaged, it is advisable to replace the wheels and tyres.

Check the oil and water level. If the oil and water levels are low, be sure to top it up as this could cause damage to your engine if it runs out. Having no oil and water can cause the engine to cease which could result in irreparable damage to your car.

Secure your luggage. Make sure that your luggage does not block your view of the road and traffic. There should be no obstruction at the rear window, so be sure to pack your luggage so that you are still able to see oncoming traffic. This is also a safety tip for those people who are sitting in the back seat. If the luggage is loosely place at the rear window, then it could fall around on them while you are driving. This could be both a disturbance while driving and be quite hazardous. It could cause an accident.
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