Tyre Specialists Know What They Are Doing

Have you ever gone to a tyre store and wondered which kind wheels you should get? Not everyone knows much about tyres and their different purposes. Tyre specialists know exactly what you need and what each one is used for.

These specialists are trained to know everything about tyres, such as the sizes of the different models and the tread that will work well for your car.

You may have noticed that there are a series of numbers on the sidewall of the wheel. Each size has a specific number which tells the owner what size wheels you will need to install on your car. For example you will get a number such as 215/60R15.

  • 215, as you may have noticed, is the bigger number and is usually first in the series. This number tells the person how wide the tyre is in millimetres.
  • 60 is the number that represents the height of the sidewall. This number is demonstrated as a percentage. The number 60 is the percentage of the width (the number 215) that occupies the sidewall area.
  • R is the radial construction. This measurement is taken from the centre to the outside.
  • 15 is the diameter of the wheels that fit with the tyre. Although, manufacturers usually keep measurements in the same standard units, this number is recorded in inches. Therefore you will need to install 15 inch mags or wheels to fit into the tyre.

This series of numbers has many ways of being represented. There is also another number that could appear on the tyre. An example of this number is 91W. The number 91 is the load rating of the tyre which tells you the maximum amount of weight in kilograms that particular tyre can handle. The number 91 can handle 615 kilograms. The W is the speed rating or index of the tyre. This could be any letter depending on what model and brand of tyre you have. The W specifically means that the tyre is able to accelerate to 270 kilometres per hour.Most people aren’t aware of this information and could buy the wrong the wheels which could have a detrimental impact on their driving. It is advisable to speak to tyre specialists in order for you to receive the correct wheels for your vehicle and your driving style. Rather take the word of a professional who works with wheels and tyres for a living than a friend who simply has an opinion.

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