Types of Toyo Tyres For Passenger Vehicles

There are different types of Toyo tyres available that cater for almost every need. The passenger car tyre range combines a balance of comfort, safety and environmental performance. You can choose the right tyres for your car by visiting a wheel and tyre retailer who will give you advice suitable to your requirements. Toyo’s range of passenger car tyres offers the best quality and construction which ensures the highest levels of safety.

Toyo tyres perform better than the cheaper alternatives. They perform much better in these critical areas, i.e. tyre wear, wet weather braking and road handling. There are a variety of Toyo tyres available for passenger vehicles and they are suitable for most vehicle models including Toyota, Mazda, Hyundai and Ford, amongst others. These tyres are durable, longer lasting and have a low noise option for drivers of small to large passenger cars.

Here are some Toyo tyres that are available for your passenger vehicle:

Proxes T1 Sport: The Proxes T1 Sport is a high-performance tyre. It was developed for sports vehicles and it offers class-leading handling on wet and dry roads.

Proxes T1A: The Proxes T1A is an ultra-high performance car tyre which is designed specifically for the Audi RS5 and S6.

Proxes T1 Sport A01: The Proxes T1 Sport A01 is an ultra-high performance car tyre which is designed specifically for the Audi TT and TT-S.

Proxes R1R: This extreme performance tyre boasts a tread wear rating of 200. The Proxes R1R is a proven performer in the Toyo Drift series.

Proxes 4: The Proxes 4 is a low-profile, high-performance tyre with a unique tread pattern which is available in a wide range of sizes.

Proxes T1R: This is an ultra-high performance tyre which is renowned for its exceptional performance in wet weather conditions and it is available in 40 to 55 inches.

These are a few options of Toyo tyres available for your passenger vehicle. There are also winter tyres available if you live in a snowy area, therefore you are covered when it comes to all your driving needs. The minimum and maximum load inflation table must be followed when choosing tyres for your car. You should also have a regular maintenance plan which covers your wheels and tyres. The maintenance plan should include wheel and tyre rotation, wheel alignment and adjustments. It is important that you visit your wheel and tyre retailer for regular inspections, especially before you take a long road trip.

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