Two of the Most Popular Nexen Tyres Are Available

Nexen tyres produce a wide range every year and most vehicle makes choose them as their preferred standard vehicle equipment. With so many types of vehicles out there it is understandable that there is a wide variety available for the driver. They consider driving performance, the environment, durability and reliability. So what types of tyres are the most popular in the Nexen range?

Nexen N Priz SH9i.

They have an improved block reliability and braking performance by way of a 3D section design. The N Priz SH9i has improved drainage performance for driving on wet roads by increasing the width of the three channel main groove and the shoulder lateral groove. It prevents abnormal wear and enhanced noise performance through applying the design of an equal division of block stiffness. With the asymmetric tread pattern design, the outside section enhances handling performance. The inside section enhances tyre grip by improving drainage performance for driving on wet roads. These tyres are ideal for drivers who have high performance vehicles and need a tyre to match.

Nexen N Blue Eco.

These are excellent energy saving tyres. The N blue eco combines green technologies including LRR full silica compound and construction design to reduce the tyre’s rolling resistance. This results in energy efficiency. By applying the silica and advanced material compounding technology, computer designed tread blocks prevent irregular wear and provides a longer tread life. The green technology gives the N Blue Eco more functional value and tyre performance. This means that it will last longer and continue to functional optimally. The low rolling resistance silica compound and cavity profile provide lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions improving fuel efficiency. This converts to energy savings. This tyre is ideal for the driver who is aware of their carbon footprint and wants to make a difference.

Wheels and tyres are an important part of your car whether you drive a high performance vehicle or a passenger vehicle, choosing the right tyres can take time. These two Nexen tyres have two very different criteria and designs. One is made for maximum performance and durability while the other is made for the eco conscious driver who wants to lower their carbon footprint without sacrificing performance. So whichever you choose, you know it’s the right choice.

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