Which Toyo Tyres Are Suitable for Everyday Driving?

There are different kinds of tyres for every condition. Toyo Tyres have options for racing, commercial and passenger, as well as for snow or winter season, for hot weather and wet weather conditions. Here are the different Toyo Tyres that are suitable for everyday driving.

Versado Noir passenger tyres have been designed to be suitable for any kind of season. These tyres also last a long time if you intend to do a lot of travelling and increase the fuel efficiency of your car.

Extensa A/S passenger tyres are suitable for all seasons. However, the handling for the winter seasons was considered more. The tread pattern on the tyre was designed to decrease the amount of wear and allows an escape path for any water that has entered in the tread.

The M-55 is a tyre used in lighter trucks such as a Ford Ranger. They work very well for off-road handling and wet or snowy season. The tread has room to install studs for extra grip and has an escape path for water. Because of its bulk, the fuel consumption is much greater than it would be on any other type of tyres.

Proxes ST II is an all season tyre that is commonly used on SUVs and Sport Trucks for monster truck racing. These tyres do not handle the same as the off-road versions and are used on the highway. This version was mainly designed to withstand water and dry climates. Proxes ST II is a quiet driving tyre and provides good balance.

Versado CUVs are made to hold the weight of the heavier cars such as SUVs when travelling long distances. They are fuel efficient, quiet and amazing for the rainy and wet seasons because the tread has well designed water drainage.

Proxes 4 Plus is a design that is installed on sports cars. The Proxes 4 Plus is an all season tyre and meant for performance. The brakes work well with these tyres and they can handle wet and dry seasons exceptionally well. They were also designed to improve driving when advancing a corner. Similarly, the Proxes 4 has lower handling during snow season.

Open Country H/T with Tuff Duty is an all season design that is used for distance travelling. They handle any season well and the tread has a long life span. These tyres increase fuel efficiency adding to the length of distance travelling.

You will often have a variety of tyres to choose from because each version has its own unique tread and performance. The tyre you choose will be biocompatible with the conditions you drive in on a daily basis.

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