Take Care of Your Car And Your Tyres


Your car takes you wherever you want to go or need to be. It will take you to work and back home, to your family and on many adventures. So it is essential that you take care of your car.

Because your car needs to take you everywhere safely and if there is a part that is not functioning properly or damaged it could lead to devastating consequences. For a wonderful and safe driving experience you need have your car and the various parts checked and fixed, when required.

One, or rather four, essential parts of your car are the tyres. They are constantly in contact with the road and you use it every time you drive. Those tyres must be in good condition so that your car can move safely and effectively. There are a few things you can do to make sure that your car’s wheels and tyres are in good condition.

– Check the tread. This is a good indication whether your tyres are in good condition or not. If you can barely see the tread then it is run down and smooth. Smooth tread is not good because your car will not have good grip on the road especially around corners and on wet roads. If the tread is smooth then you should change the tyres.

– Check for wear. If the tyre is worn, like if you can see the rubber of the tyre starting to peel or thread off then you should change it. Wear and tear on your wheels can be very dangerous because it can cause the tyre to burst while you’re driving. Make sure you get them changed as soon as possible.

– Check for punctures. If you notice that you need to pump air into the tyres more often than you usually would, then you might have a slow puncture. This could be caused by a nail having pierced the rubber and it’s still in the wheel so the air escapes slowly. Find the source or the hole of the puncture and have it repaired. If the puncture is on the side wall then you will need to replace the tyre.

– Avoid potholes. Potholes can cause a lot of damage to the wheel and it could lead to a dangerous accident. Wherever possible, avoid potholes so that your wheels don’t get damaged unnecessarily. During the rainy season, drive slowly through puddles because water can disguise a pothole very well.

– Inflate your tyres. When you notice that your tyres are slightly deflated then get them pumped to the optimal bar. This will allow you drive efficiently and more comfortably. When they are optimally pumped then your driving experience will be enhanced and you will have better control over your car.

Be sure to check your car and the wheels on a regular basis or if you notice anything suspicious so that you can take to the road safely. There’s nothing better than knowing you’re in a great car that is safe while you’re getting ready for your next adventure.

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