Sounds to Listen Out For When Driving

Driving is a task everyone is bound to do sooner or later. The downside is that not everyone knows the different sounds a car makes and what they mean. Here are few sounds that you should familiarise yourself with.

  • Hissing Sounds

Generally when you hear a hissing sound it means that there is air escaping somewhere in the engine. It could also mean that there may be liquid leaking. This sound is caused by worn elements inside the gasket. An easy way to test if this is a problem is by safely blocking the exhaust pipe and looking for the area the gas is escaping. Remember that gasses are only supposed to leave the car from one place.

  • Squealing Brakes

Have you ever heard a high pitched sound when you apply the brakes? This is not a good thing so make sure that you get it checked. When the brake pads are worn they are rubbing against other metal parts which produce that sound.

  • Knocking

When you hear knocking it could mean many faulty mechanisms. Usually when you hear that knocking sound in the engine or axles, it means that there is not enough oil or lubrication to allow a frictionless motion inside the engine. Don’t allow it to get to this point because without the oil, the metal parts will wear away. This could potentially lead to needing the whole engine replaced.

  • Roaring or Humming Sound

If you hear roaring or humming sounds whilst driving it could be the tyres or the bearings. Perfectly maintained tyres should not make a sound at all. Wheel bearings could make this sound when turning the wheels slightly thus indicating that the bearings are likely to be worn.

  • Roaring Noises from the Exhaust

This is not a good noise. The purpose of the exhaust pipe is to release the gasses that have been compressed inside the engine. This also means that the exhaust pipe is supposed to get rid of any unwanted gasses. When you hear this sound it means that the exhaust has a hole somewhere. Make sure you get this checked as it could affect the performance of your car.If you ever hear any of these sounds it’s important to get it checked out by a professional. Any strange noise that the car makes could lead to hectic problems whether it’s the tyres or the radiator. The car that you drive should be safe for transportation so make sure that it will keep you safe. Listen to your car.

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