NEXEN TIRE is ranked No. 10 among global tire brands in the US Consumer Reports

On December 6th, NEXEN TIRE exhibited the excellent brand competitiveness by being ranked No. 10 among tire brands in the US Consumer Reports.

Consumer Reports is a monthly magazine that has been published by the Consumers Union since 1936, and it is an influential consumer magazine that delivers the test results of products being sold in the US to Consumers.

The brand ranking was calculated by combining the results of performance evaluation per category, which consists of all season, ultra-high performance (UHP), summer, and winter tires of 150 tire models and at least 25 tire brands.

nexen top 10 brands

This result is significant in that the comprehensive performance of NEXEN TIRE’s products received excellent reviews compared to the world’s leading tire brands. Moreover, ‘RA8, WINGUARD Winspike SUV’ were ranked in 2014 and ‘Aria AH7, N5000 Plus, WINGUARD Winspike’ in 2015 in the same magazine. This year, ‘N’FERA SU1’ was acknowledged for its excellent performance and is ranked at the top among Korean brands, No.6 among a total of 18 models.

Meanwhile, NEXEN TIRE is increasing its brand awareness with active global sports marketing by sponsoring four famous winter sports competitions while also maintaining partnerships with three Major League teams in the US and Premier League football team Manchester City FC in England. It is also maintaining positive global reviews about the brand every year by winning awards such as the Special Mention of the German Design Award 2015 and the main prize of Japan’s Good Design Award 2016.