The Least Shaky Tyres

Everyone wants to experience the best drive possible. Comfort whilst driving is important and a shaking car can alter this. There are different types of tyres that can assist with a smooth drive but firstly – what causes your car to shake?

The main cause and first to be investigated is the tyres. There could be a problem with the alignment, the tyres might not be pumped to the correct pressure or they have not been secured properly to the wheel. Luckily, these problems are not caused by low quality tyres.

Features that limit the amount of shaking you feel are:

Shock absorbers – these protect the wheels from shattering upon impact. They are equipped with a spring that repels the components from one another.

Off road vehicles – these vehicles are powered by four wheel drive and have more powerful shock absorbers. The wheels installed on these cars also influence how much of the bumps or shakes you feel on the road. Potholes are growing crises that leave many cars that have a low suspension with damaged parts. With off road tyres, vibration and damage can be avoided or unfelt.

Proper maintenance – this is what every driver should be practicing regardless of the type of vehicle they own. All parts of the car need to be checked including the engine, brakes, wheels, and the functionality of the computer system.

Two tyre brands have been tested on many terrains for their compatibility. They both succeeded on bad road maintenance and not-too-bumpy hills and mountains.

Toyo Tyres manufactures tyres specifically for mountain crawling. With deep treads and thick sidewalls, these are perfect for the adventurous type that doesn’t want to experience those hazardous potholes on the road.

Nexen Tyres manufactures the Roadian series that was made specifically to make driving smooth and comfortable. These may not be as deep treaded as many other models but it is a version that can make your driving a smooth experience.

In conclusion, off-road tyres are your best bet when looking for something that won’t feel the vibration and shakiness. Many models are also available as dual function for off road driving and regular freeway driving. Also remember that properly fitted and maintained tyres and wheels is an important factor that will prevent shakiness and vibration. These may be tested and realigned at home but it is preferable for a qualified mechanic to troubleshoot further problems you may have.