It’s Time To Change Your Tyres

During the holidays you would have driven to many places, doing many different activities and visiting friends and family while celebrating the festive season. The holiday season is over now so it’s back to normal. Back to work and school.

While you’re very busy with getting back into the swing of things remember to check your car and wheels too. In addition to all the above mentioned destinations you may have also embarked on a road trip across the country. Many people drive from Johannesburg to Durban, Eastern Cape or the Western Cape, amongst others. These destinations are far apart and, hopefully, you did check that your car was in good condition before you departed. One of those checks being the tyres. If the tyre tread was still at a reasonable depth then you probably did not have to change the tyres. After driving thousands of kilometres within one month this will affect the status of the tyres.

Walk over to your car and look at the tyres. Take the time to check it properly. If the tyres are smooth and the tread is very shallow then it is time to change them. Driving with smooth tyres can be very dangerous because there is no grip on the road. When you go around a corner you risk the car losing grip on the road and skidding out of control. Or if you want to stop suddenly, like at a robot or a car ahead of you just stopped quickly, the car could slide long after you apply the brakes. Another scenario where this could be dangerous is on wet roads. When it rains the roads become slippery so you need good grip on the road. Smooth tyres and wet slippery roads are a very bad combination.

So if the tyres are smooth or even starting to fray along the edges then you need to get the tyres changed as soon as you can. Find tyres that are the same size and specifications as the current set you have. For example, if your car requires Run-Flat tyres then it is best to fit the Run-Flats again. In general, it is always good practice to check the tread depth to make sure that you are driving safely all the time.

As the year starts again, be safe and drive well.