Do You Get Eco-Friendly Tyres?

Do eco-friendly tyres exist? Yes, they do exist and the technological advancements are mind blowing. The tyre’s design is both light and aerodynamic, providing a great addition to the eco-friendly vehicles emerging each year. Buying eco-friendly tyres benefits both the planet and your wallet.

Many motoring companies have been manufacturing eco-friendly cars because it’s beneficial to the environment and sustainable. These cars are deemed eco-friendly due to the reduction in their carbon emissions. When it comes to changing tyres, the biggest concern for most people are the tyre prices. We all know that most of them just have one function or benefit, they do the job but they won’t win any awards. Then you’ll find the top of the range tyres, which seems like it could be a lot of money to spend on a wearable component.

Tyres aren’t just about giving you a firm, steadfast grip on the road they can also be the most influential part of eco-friendly driving. Being eco-friendly is not just about the wheels or fuel efficiency, there are several things that you can do to make sure that your tyres aren’t obstructing your car’s performance. Some checks that you can do could affect your carbon footprint. These checks include:

1) Checking the tyre pressure regularly: The suggested tyre pressure will be found in your manual. Make sure you know what your car’s tyre pressure is and make sure it’s always inflated with the correct pressure for a smooth driving experience that will use less fuel.

2) Check the tread: If the tyres are balding then not only are they dangerous, but they can seriously affect your vehicle’s performance.

3) Check for deformities: Any bumps, deformities or foreign objects sticking out of the tyres that can cause trouble. Replace them as soon as possible.

Your vehicle’s performance will be dragged down if you don’t have fuel efficient tyres, even if you are careful on the accelerator. Everyone knows that environmentally friendly technology is transforming the global automotive industry, but it’s as much about the tyres as it is about the cars. There are certain cars that are deemed eco-friendly due to the reduction in their carbon emissions. This result is achieved via the use of specialized engines that utilize alternative ‘green’ fuels such as biodiesel. Using less petroleum than the conventional car designs, green cars also aim to keep emissions to a minimum through the use of electric power seen in hybrid and electric vehicles.

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