Do I Have to Rotate My Car’s Tyres?

The avid driver and car enthusiast will tell you that you should check your tyres, rotate your wheels, check the wheel alignment, and balance your wheels. Yet, many people are not sure about this and ask whether they should have their car’s tyres rotated. They also don’t really know how it should be done, either.

Do you have to rotate your car’s tyres? In a nutshell, the answer is yes. You have to rotate your car’s tyres. This is essential for the longevity of your car’s tyres and would mean that you don’t have to change them too often.

Why do you have to rotate your car’s tyres? The main reason for doing this is to achieve a uniform wear on all the tyres. All four tyres should, theoretically, wear at the same pace. The left tyres shouldn’t get worn quicker than the ones on the right hand side of the car. This process also ensures that irregularities related to the tyres are avoided.

When do you have to rotate your car’s tyres? This has to be done periodically and should form part of the tyre maintenance. If you take your car in for a service, then it will be done as part of the service checklist. That means it should be done every year or when your service mileage is reached, whichever one of the two comes first. In other words, it’s once a year or once you’ve driven 15000 kilometres. However, you can rotate your tyres earlier if you notice that irregular or uneven wear has developed. This may occur if your car has experienced a hard impact such as hitting a pothole. This impact can cause the misalignment and can lead to uneven wear. If you have to sort out the problem before your next service, you can take your car to a wheel and tyre fitment centre. They will be able to determine the cause of the irregular tyre wear problem, so that they can fix it and you can avoid it in future. Then they will rotate your tyres and take it for a test drive to check whether the problem is fixed.

Do you still think that tyre rotation is another unnecessary check point on the service checklist? It is essential that you rotate them to ensure the longevity of your tyres. If you do this as often as it is recommended then you will have a safe comfortable driving experience.

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