Different Kinds of Tyre Wear

There are many ways a person drives that can cause wear on a tyre. The question is: what do the different patterns mean?

It might seem difficult to see patterns on the actual tyre opposed to an illustrated image but the easier way to tell that you have damaged treads is to feel if the drive is uneven.

  • Wear in the middle of the tyre

If the edges of the tyre seem as good as new whilst the centre looks smooth, you should know that this is caused by the over inflation of the tyre. The entire flat part should be in contact with the road and overinflating the tyre expands the central area.

  • Wear on the edges

There is overinflating so, subsequently, there is underinflating. This does the complete opposite to the material and damages the edges of the tyre. This could ultimately damage your wheel if you allow it to get to that point.

  • One side of the tyre is worn

Don’t turn too hard around corners. The spinning of the wheels can give the edging noticeable damage. Try to avoid this by taking corners slowly without riding on the clutch too much.

  • Completely smooth rubber

This one is quite obvious. Braking hard could do terrible damage to the tyres. Braking is the process of stopping the wheels from moving. If you brake hard whilst speeding you will run those tyres completely flat. Be aware of this when driving to avoid sudden braking.

  • Diagonal Wear

If you have ever seen diagonal streaks of wear on the tyre you should know that there is a problem with your suspension. This could be a dangerous problem and should be fixed immediately.

  • Randomized Wear

Random patches of wear could mean that your tyres are imbalanced. If you notice this kind of wear make sure you get the tyres rotated by a specialist.

  • Feathered Wear

The concept is similar to stroking a bird. One way will be smooth but stroking the other way will lift all the feathers. This is another type of damage caused by misaligned wheels.Wear can be a danger to you and your family when driving. It’s important to catch the problem early before a serious accident occurs as well as expensive damage to the wheels and the mechanics of the rest of the car. To get these problems sorted out, you should visit a tyre specialist to align, balance and rotate the tyres.

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