What Are The Different Brands of Tyres Available?

I bet that you never thought that there were so many different wheels and tyres on the market when you bought your car. There are quite a variety of wheel and tyre brands for you to choose from. But which brands are available and how will they benefit you and your vehicle?

Wheel and tyre retailers stock a variety of brands so that you can have your pick. Here are some of the tyre brands that are at your disposal.

BF Goodrich
General Tyre
Good Year

These are a variety of tyre brands that cater for different needs. Some tyres are suitable for high performance vehicles such as sports cars or for cars that are used for every day travelling from work to home. Then you will find that there are certain tyres specifically manufactured for SUV’s or trucks. Choosing a tyre will depend on what your driving habits are. If you travel much, then it is best to choose a tyre that is made for long distance travelling and is more reliable. Most of these brands cater for that need. These brands of tyres are all renowned for their quality and reliability because they have been in the tyre industry for decades.

Nexen tyres have won many awards for their quality, safety and for their selection of eco-friendly tyres. Toyo is a brand that is manufactured for driving performance and handles well. Barum and BF Goodrich are also reliable tyres that are manufactured for daily use. Continental, Good Year, Michelin and Pirelli tyres are well-known brands. They are designed and manufactured for every day driving and are generally suited for all conditions. That means that they are suitable for use in raining or wet conditions as well as in warm or dry conditions. These tyres are ideal for driving on highways and on suburban streets. They are also very reliable brands of tyres and trusted all over the world. They are exceptional tyre brands that will give you just the right tread and drive at any time. You may even find that the Formula One drivers make use of some of these tyre brands as they are suitable for high performance use and high speeds.

There are quite a variety of tyre brands available on the market for you choose from. The type of tyre you choose will depend on your make of vehicle and the driving conditions that you find yourself in regularly.

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