Dangers of Driving With Smooth Tyres

There are all different kinds of tyres out there on the road. The important thing to understand is the difference between them all. There are all-season tyres, winter, and summer tyres. However any of these can get worn down and become smooth wheels. This is not to be confused with summer tyres which tend to have a different thread that is better for driving during the summer time.

Smooth tires are those that are completely worn down so low that the rubber only shows a flat surface being thread-less. For a drag racer that may not be a bad thing because drag racers use smooth tyres with no thread on them for hot summer laps. However when you’re driving on the road with smooth tires this can really cause a lot of issues.

The first issue is, you’re not going to be able to drive in the rain. You can just forget about that now. When you’re driving in the rain, regular tires have a specific thread shape on it that helps the water past and flow through in a specific direction. A flow that helps the tire continues to have traction and stick to the road. What happens if you lose traction? This is a little thing called hydroplaning. That’s any driver’s worst nightmare when driving in the rain!

During hydroplaning, all the wheels or any of the tires that are in contact with rain or puddles completely lift off the road, at this point it has zero traction or grip on the road. This will give you the least amount of control when you’re driving, which means you’re accident rate potential is going to be imminent. The only way you’ll be able to stop in time is if there is no-one else in front of you and you have plenty of roads available. Let’s hope that you’re not hydroplaning around a corner, turn, bend or roundabout because you will spin out.

This is just scratching the surface when it comes to driving with smooth wheels. Another issue to keep in mind now is that you’re going to be more prone to punctures on the road. Have you ever driven through a road that has a few rocks? You park your car, check your wheel, and see those pebbles stuck in between the thread of your wheel! Sometimes even a nail that didn’t go through somehow. Well, with smooth wheels that’s not going to happen. You’re going to encounter these sharp objects, and any one of them can be just like a knife to your wheel. One of the worst feelings while driving shortly follows. A flat tyre!

Lastly let’s talk about winter tyres. Winter tyres tend to be the most equipped for dealing with snow. Their thread is perfect when crunching over inches of powdery white snow. Some cars can even go through 20 inches of snow no problem! But what happens if you attempt to drive in the snow with smooth tyres? This is what we call the Scooby-Doo. You’re just going to be stuck, moving in place, but not go anywhere at all. The car will have no traction the tyres will lift off the ground and spin out.

Now that we understand the dangers of driving with smooth tyres, it is always important to be able to check the thread constantly. This is so that you don’t catch or find yourself in any of the situations that we talked about above. A good rule of thumb is to keep a penny around in the car. If you put a coin on the thread of your wheels and you see the coins print in any of the wheels, even one of them, you know that you’re in danger of smooth tyres.

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