Do You Need To Change Your Tyres and Mag Wheels Regularly?

In this day and age, there are a variety of cars in terms of design and style. Then there are those cars that are designed with the young man in mind. These are usually the fast and sporty types of cars which young men love to modify to suit their style and personalities. This can be a fun endeavour which is coupled with creativity. In most cases, the mag wheels are the first thing that is changed in order to give the car a new look because the right set of mag wheels can uplift the style of the car instantly.

Besides aesthetics, when do you need to change your tyres and mag wheels and do you need to replace them regularly?

If you want a larger surface area to grip the road, you’ll need a wider or bigger tyre. Hence you’ll need a bigger wheel. You’ll have to check that the specific tyre and wheel that you purchase is suitable for your car and has the correct fitting sizes to fit onto your car. There’s no point procuring a mag that just won’t fit on your car.

If the mag wheel is damaged, this is a tell-tale sign that it needs to be changed. It is quite reckless and dangerous to drive with a damaged mag wheel. If it has any kind of hairline crack or large visible damage, take your vehicle to your nearest wheel and tyre fitment centre. You don’t want to drive long distances with such a damaged wheel.

If you drive into a pothole too fast, too hard or at a bad angle then your tyres and wheels could be irreparably damaged. This type of accident could cause the wheel to buckle and unusable to the point that you possibly are not able to drive to the nearest fitment centre. In this case, your car will have to be towed then the wheels and tyres have to be replaced.

Most wheel and tyre fitment centres sell a range of alloy wheels. These are quite durable and reliable as it is able to endure various conditions such as rain, dry conditions, dust and much more. However, you need to take care of the mags too. You have to clean it regularly, weekly if possible.

If the tyres and wheels are still in good condition, you could drive with them for many years so you don’t have to change them regularly. But when they do get damaged in any way, it is essential that you go to a wheel and tyre fitment centre to have it replaced right away.

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Is It a Good Idea To Replace Your Tyres Often?

Every vehicle owner has to take care of their vehicle. Most of us tend to take more care than others in that we want to makes sure that our car is in great condition. Therefore, some of us tend to be a bit more cautious and tend to change certain parts of our cars sooner than is necessary. This can be the same said of a vehicle’s wheels and tyres. Are we changing it too soon? Or are we changing it too late? When is the optimal time to replace your car’s tyres?

This is a question we all ponder. Have you ever just walked around your car and looked at your tyres wondering if it is time to change the tyres? You probably have. There are certain tell-tale signs that indicate when to change your tyres.

If your tyre’s tread is less than 1mm then it is time to change your tyres. It is imperative that you change it at this stage and don’t leave it for another time because, believe it or not, it is the law. Besides the law, it is very unsafe to drive with smooth tyres. You risk the tyres not being able to grip the road which means that it could slide in wet or even in dry conditions. Of course, it is much worse if it slides in wet conditions because you could lose all control of your vehicle due to lack of sufficient grip.

If your car’s tyre has a puncture this is a definite indication that you need to replace the affected tyre. You cannot drive with a tyre that is losing air as it will create an imbalance in your vehicle which can be very dangerous. A vehicle has to be sufficiently balance on all four wheels and tyres in order to drive optimally. Any imbalance can cause the car to sway out of control and bear into other vehicles or objects.

If your wheels and tyres are not properly aligned they may wear irregularly. If your tyres wear quickly and irregularly across the four tyres, this could be hazardous when driving as your tyres are not all wearing at the same pace. Some may be weaker than others and could cause irregularity in your driving and result in less than optimum grip.

Therefore, you know it is time to replace your wheels and tyres when the tyre tread is less than 1mm, the tyre has a puncture or there is irregularity in the tyre’s wear.

Minty’s is amongst the leading tyre suppliers in South Africa, and is recognized for our high standard of customer service. We have built a reputation amongst our customers and ensure that they receive tyres and alloy wheels of the highest quality, amongst the largest brands nationwide.

How to Protect Your Car on the Road

These days there are many vehicles on the road and, consequently, this means that there are increased dangers on our roads. Such dangers can include fellow drivers driving fast or negligently and other vehicles causing damage to the roads. Potholes are a very common problem on many roads. It is an occurrence of wear and tear on the roads that are used regularly, especially by heavy vehicles. However, all of these factors can affect your vehicle’s tyres. So how can you protect your car and its tyres on these roads?

There are a number of ways that you can protect your car and its tyres on the roads.

Invest in quality tyres that will last you a fair duration of time. Toyo tyres are one such brand of tyres that are manufactured with modern roads in mind; and according to European road and weather conditions. These tyres are able to handle in both wet and dry conditions because they have functional tread design for wet and dry handling.

Quality tyres such as Toyo have a dual tread compound for exceptional handling and braking. If you find yourself in a position where the car may react against you, these tyres can assist you with optimal handling and when attempting to come to a sudden stop.

Toyo tyres are developed with a high stiffness wall and bead for good steering response. Whenever anything may happen to your car, you want to rest assured that your car’s wheels and tyres will respond to the direction in which you steer the car.

It is also important to find a tyre that is stable at all speeds, especially highway speeds. Many accidents happen on the highway so using a tyre that can handle and respond to the speed of your vehicle is imperative.

To protect your tyres while on the road, it is best to avoid speeding into or over potholes. Try to avoid them wherever possible. If you can’t avoid it, try to go over them slowly so that you minimise any damage to the tyres. Strong quality tyres should be able to resist pothole damage for a certain duration. This keeps you safe and prevents damage to the car.

It is important to protect your car on the road, not only for the car’s sake but ultimately for your safety. Finding the proper wheels and tyres that suit your type of vehicle and the conditions in which you regularly drive is important.

Minty’s is amongst the leading tyre suppliers in South Africa, and is recognized for our high standard of customer service. We have built a reputation amongst our customers and ensure that they receive tyres and alloy wheels of the highest quality, amongst the largest brands nationwide.

The Benefits of Fitting Nexen Tyres Onto Your Car

Owning a car is a big responsibility because it needs a lot of maintenance and care. You have to service your car regularly and change certain parts regularly to ensure that you get the best use out of your car for a longer period. One important car part that you need to check and change often is the car’s tyres. It’s good practice to search for tyres that are best suited to your car and your safety. Nexen tyres are a quality brand of tyres that offer multiple benefits for you and your car.

These are the benefits of fitting Nexen tyres onto your car.

Nexen tyres are innovatively designed for safety on the road. Much research has gone into developing safe tyres that add value and perform optimally while driving. Due to the ongoing research of improving these tyres, many automakers prefer them. In most cases, car models fitted with these tyres receive repeat sales. These wheels offer comfort and performance which has a direct correlation to your driving experience. Nexen tyres are vigorously tested for driving performance and safety qualities; which has earned it the trust of various automakers.

Nexen tyres have stood the test of time. They have been around for over 70 years and are still going strong. Being in the tyre industry for decades has advanced their knowledge and expertise in the manufacturing process. Their manufacturing efficiency combined with the latest technology puts these tyres at the forefront of the industry. They are trusted by many drivers and automakers because of their durability and quality make.

A Nexen tyre, in particular the Green Hive concept tyre, has won four awards for its quality design featuring a replaceable tread block. This is a unique tyre design that adds more reassurance to the driver. The driver is aware that these tyres are quality tyres and that they are safe for daily use. It gives you that extra peace of mind when driving either long or short distances.

There are many tyres in the market for you to choose from but Nexen tyres are an innovative brand that have quality, safety and manufacturing design technology on their side. These are durable wheels that will benefit your car over a long period of time. In addition it is backed by its award winning designs. These are factors that will greatly benefit your car and yourself over the long run.

Minty’s offer their clients a wide range of tyres and alloy wheels at highly competitive prices. We have a network of tyre fitment centres across South Africa.

Our tyre and wheel fitment centres stock a range of top brands such as Toyo, Nexen, Bridgestone, Dunlop, Goodyear, Continental, Michelin, Barum and Pirelli.

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Tips on Buying New Tyres

Usually people spend more time on researching what accessories to buy for their car to modify it or to enhance its look. However, few people actually take the time to research what to look for when buying new tyres. In this article, I will go through a few tips that will help you to make the best decision when it comes to buying new tyres for your vehicle.

Tips that will help you with buying new tyres:

  1. Firstly, check whether you need to replace your existing tyres. Are your tyres damaged, punctured or has the tread run flat? If your tyres are irreparable then it is recommended to change the tyres.
  2. Research the brand quality of the tyres that you want to buy. Find out what are the benefits of buying certain brand tyres. Some brands are manufactured specifically to handle wet conditions or dry conditions whereas others may be suitable for all weather conditions. Be sure to check which tyre brand will suitable for the area that you live in.
  3. Check the tyre tread. The type of tread will determine whether you can drive on smooth surfaces, wet roads, dusty roads or all terrains. Once again, choosing the right tyre for your vehicle will depend on what type of surfaces you drive on often.
  4. The lifespan of the tyre needs to be considered. If you are driving long distances or very often as opposed to only driving occasionally, it is recommended that you choose a tyre that is suited to your needs. The longevity of the tyre you choose is very important otherwise you’ll be changing tyres more often than you should.
  5. The width of the tyre is important. Depending on where you drive, you should consider the width of the tyre that you purchase. A wider tyre is ideal for grip on the road. It is great for bends in the road or taking corners easily. A wider tyre will keep your vehicle firmly on the road as you drive.
  6. The price is important too. This is my last point because I believe that the function should be before the price. Although price is important, it should not be the main factor when choosing the right tyres for your vehicle. Speciality tyres will cost a bit more because it will be coupled with the quality and the lifespan that those tyres will provide.

These are the points that you should consider when purchasing new tyres for your vehicle. You have to consider a tyre that is suitable for your driving needs and that fits within your budget.

How to Properly Repair Your Car’s Tyres

Driving can be a pleasure but there are times when incidents happen that you require repairs. One of the most common incidents that can and may have happened to all of us, is a flat tyre. This could be due to a puncture or the tyre running flat due to general use. There are various ways to repair your tyres but you need to ensure that you choose the proper way to repair your car’s tyres.

If you have a punctured tyre, you need to check a few points first as to whether you are able to repair the tyre. Alternatively, you may need to replace the tyre.

Check if the punctured hole is less than 6mm in diameter. There should only be two punctured holes, maximum, and they should be at least 380mm apart. You can only repair punctures that are in the tread area. If these points are applicable to your tyre, then you are able to repair your tyre.

In order to ensure the safety of yourself and your passengers, here are the methods of properly repairing your tyres.

Remove the tyre from the rim to properly inspect the full damage incurred. If the puncture is angled at 25 degrees, a two-piece stem and patch repair unit is recommended. Don’t ever use only a rubber string (stem) or just use a patch. This will not hold and will cause further damage to your tyre. You can use a one piece patch with stem combination repair unit. The inside of the patch reseals the inner liner of the puncture to restore the air containment in the tyre. The rubber filler is exerted through the hole which prevents moisture from reaching the steel belts and carcass. Insist on this repair method when having tyres repaired at your local tyre dealer.

If the following points apply to your tyres, then it is not repairable. In such cases, it is better to replace your tyres for safety purposes.

If the tyre is worn to the tyre’s tread-wear indicators then it’s not repairable. If there is an existing repair area; you cannot repair an area that has already had a puncture wound repaired.  If the puncture extends to the shoulder or it extends at an angle that reaches the shoulder area of the tyre then it’s best to replace the tyre.

To ensure your safety, these are the points and methods to adhere to when repairing your car’s tyres.