Can You Use Sports Tyres for Every Day Driving?

We find ourselves driving so much these days, whether it is to work, to family or to visit friends. Our cars really work hard for us so we need to consider what wheels and tyres are required in order to get the best out of our driving experience. Many people opt for the tyres that are recommended by the wheel and tyre fitment centres, while others opt for sports tyres. But can you use sports tyres for every day driving?

Sports tyres are designed specifically for racing. They are made to withstand long distance driving and high speeds. Certain options are designed for specific weather conditions such as those that perform better during wet conditions versus those that perform optimally in dry and warm conditions. These are some of the factors that race car drivers need to consider for maximum performance. Of course, the driver’s skills also play role in the performance of the vehicle.

That is all good and well for sports cars drivers but what about you and me? We don’t drive on a race track, we drive on the highway. We are not limited to one type of weather condition, we are subject to rain, sun or, possibly, snow. Will sports tyres benefit us or are we just fooling ourselves?

For every day drivers, it’s best to choose a tyre that suits your driving conditions. If you drive short distances, also known as city driving, you should opt for the Nexen N Blue Eco because they cut your carbon emissions and save energy. The computer designed tread blocks reduce wear and tear, thus providing a longer tread life. It also makes almost no noise while driving which is great if you are driving to work on a daily basis. The Nexen N Blue Eco is ideal for city driving as you probably work much and don’t have a lot of time to spare in order to change your tyres often.

The Nexen CP661 is an all season tyre which is suitable for vehicles that are based in cities where the weather is unpredictable. This all season tyre is suitable for wet and dry conditions. It is ideal for driving on highways as it has enhanced cornering and handling stability. These Nexen tyres have a strong grip on the road that helps with straight running ability at high speed.

In conclusion, for everyday drivers it is best to find a tyre that is suitable to your driving conditions. Sports tyres are great for racing but not necessarily for the highway.

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