The Benefits of the Toyo Tyres Proxes Range

Toyo has many different styles in their tyre range and the Proxes range seems to be the most impressive of the lot. Proxes are a high quality performance tyre style that has many benefits when installed.

The style is made for high performance cars and is meant to go at incredibly high speeds. Because the style is made for speed the tyre must have a low profile and be wide enough at the same time. Most sports cars and supercars are equipped with wide tyres because the more of the tyre that is in contact with the road, the lesser the chance you have of being in an accident.

Proxes performance tyres often have a small amount of treading. The benefit of having minimum treading is that you won’t use as much fuel. The more friction the car creates, the bigger the consumption of petrol will be. Luckily the Proxes have been well designed to avoid you over spending whilst driving at high speeds.

These performance tyres barely make noise. The best part about this feature is that you can only hear the engine. A car enthusiast will understand why hearing the sound of an eight cylinder can be so amazing. You wouldn’t want to block that marvellous engine noise out with the sound of rubber on tar.

Handling has also been made easier when it comes to this Toyo range. The design of each of the treading has improved how you handle the car. Even though there is shallow treading, the car still handles like a racing beauty.

The tyre range can drive through many different conditions whether it’s hot, cold or wet seasons. Many tyres have only been made for a specific region’s weather conditions but the Proxes is made for any conditions.

The braking system works hand in hand with the Proxes range. The design has been drawn so specifically that, even though the treading isn’t deep, the car will still brake when you put pedal to the opposite metal.

Combined together a beautiful tyre is made to enjoy the roads with little worry about too much tyre wear. The wear resistance is an important feature for most tyres as this means you wouldn’t have to change them as often as you think.

Specifically designed for speed and harsh braking, the Proxes tyres range really does live up to their qualities. To be able to experience a car with high performance, the right tyres can make it an amazing adventure.

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