Advantage of Having Alloy Wheels

Your little brother pulls into the driveway to show off his brand-new car, but you can’t help but stare at his wheels and tyres. Yes, the car is nice but the wheels on the car are beautiful. He steps out with the biggest grin ever displaying the car like a prize on the price is right. Still intrigued by the tyres you had to ask if the rims came with the car or did he have to purchase them separately. To your surprise they were not in fact the standard steel rims at all they were alloy wheels. You would have never imagined that aluminium wheels could look so good. When he left you decided to do a little research and were floored at the advantages of purchasing these types of tyres.

Not only are they beautiful but they offer so much more. In the past alloy wheels were normally only placed on luxury cars, but not anymore. More and more companies are adding this extra upgrade to modern cars of different makes and models. The endurance and strength are one of the perks of purchasing a car equipped with these wheels and tyres. You may not be driving a luxury vehicle but purchasing a car with these tyres will make you feel as if you were. Did you know that they also dissipate heat better than regular steel wheels? These amazing set of tyres have a less chance of brake failure compared to steel wheels as well. I don’t know what state you reside in but in ice and snow you can count on a better grip along with outstanding traction.

We don’t get a lot of snow and ice here in the Cape regions but when we get it, I can firmly attest that a lot of the people driving don’t have alloy wheels on their cars, not to mention don’t know how to drive on ice. But that’s another topic all together. Nevertheless, there is so many other added bonuses that I could spend all day talking about them. Because they hold less weight and are not your run of the mill steel wheels studies have shown that they can also help you save on gas. Now this added benefit alone is enough to be excited about. Who would have thought that deciding to choose between alloy and steel would save you money at the gas pump?

Now let’s revisit braking, now in any busy city especially in bumper to bumper traffic you will find yourself hitting the brakes quite often. But fret not, because by choosing these amazing aluminium wheels braking is less abrasive and wheel hop is reduced. You also don’t have to worry about corrosion and rust. Your tyres also tend to hold up a lot better and you don’t have to be worried about having a flat because your wheels dissipate heat as mentioned before. Now I for one am starting to rethink my purchase of my not so fancy steel wheels and look into other options. If I can’t ride in luxury, I sure would like to look like I am.

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